Meg is a lifelong student of the arts. She holds a BA in art history/studio art and MAT in art education from UNH. She taught family, school, and teacher programs at The Metropolitan Museum of Art from 1993-97. From 1998-2005, Meg lived in her husband Ralf’s hometown of Frankfurt, Germany with their three children. There she led programs in German and English at the Staedel Museum. In 2012 Meg co-founded Canvas Studio Art, an art school in Fair-Haven, NJ, serving over 500 students per year with a mission to provide an authentic art experience for children and adults.

Meg has continued her own immersion in a variety of media including painting, millinery, interior design, and bookbinding. She has discovered new perspectives and approaches through programs at RISD, NYU, the Studio Art Center International in Florence, Italy, and many more.

Weaving allows Meg to use her keen sense of color and composition in collaboration with her love of fibers and texture.

Meg’s recent weavings are a study in complementary elements. She explores the tension and harmony between the rigid, cold, geometric frame and the soft, warm, natural wool. The stable symmetry of the monochromatic ground unifies the pieces so that the playful, unexpected embellishments can grow organically on the surface. She is also reconciling the traditional framed fine artwork and a historically craft medium. Meg envisions each delicate, unique fiber like a person in a community; when we are woven together, we become stronger and more beautiful.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”  
— Thomas Merton